• Confused over major decisions?
• Relationship problems?
• Grieving a loss?
• Mid-life crisis?

Life often hurts, but God...(More)


What if there was a new way of connecting with God in times of trouble, confusion, frustration – a way to have a “face to face” encounter that would transform your Christian life? There is a way. . . (More)

Your God Encounter

A Personal Retreat is a “God Encounter” – a meeting with God unlike your daily experience. This isn’t like going to church or studying the Bible. It’s coming “face to face” with God. Imagine coming into his presence...(More)


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About Monte

As a natural health care practitioner, Monte Kline’s mission has been discovering the biblical design for total health in body, mind and spirit. Challenging struggles in life drove him to seek answers in special times alone. . . (More)

The “Book”

Has God spoken to you lately? How would your life be changed if you had a special time away, a time alone with God? How might he answer your most challenging questions? Imagine a whole new way of meeting with God...(More)

What Others Say

Can a Personal Retreat really transform your Christian life? Here’s what readers of Face to Face: Meeting God in the Quiet Places say: (More)