I Need You God. . .

Where is God when you need Him?  What if there was a new way of connecting with God in times of trouble, confusion, frustration – a way to have a “face to face” encounter that would transform your Christian life?   There is a way you can:

  • Meet with God and hear his voice
  • Escape the “noise” and busyness of life
  • Make your prayer life come alive
  • “Capture” your spiritual transformation

It’s called a Christian Personal Retreat.  What is it?

A Personal Retreat is:

 A special time away to meet with God for the purpose of deepening your relationship with him as you seek his illumination and direction for your life

We don’t automatically go away to get alone with God, but rather get swallowed up by the busyness of life.  Christian Personal Retreats require:

  • Preparation
  • Purpose
  • Planning
  • Performance

This website will show you the how-to’s of experiencing God in this new and exciting way.