Retreat Planning

Determining the Time

So when do you go on a Personal Retreat?  There’s no pat answer, but some principles apply.  Most retreats will be motivated by trouble – difficult issues you are facing and needing direction for the resolution of.  Though it’s fine to go on a Personal Retreat just to have a special, intimate time with God for no driving reason, trouble is still our greatest motivation.

The first time you do this you may not sense a direct leading of the Holy Spirit to go on a Personal Retreat – it may just be something you want to try.  But as you experience the wonder of the Personal Retreat experience, God’s call to come away with him for a time will probably become clearer.

The first temptation that interferes with planning a retreat is the thought, “I don’t have enough time to get away.”  Usually if you have that objection, that is when you most need a retreat.  No one “has” time – we “make” the time out of a sense of priority.  If you’re in need, and if God is speaking to you about getting away with him, just do it, letting the world survive without you for a day or a few days.

Determining the Objectives

Though God may lead you in diverse directions on your retreat, it is generally more effective to pre-plan some objectives.  What are your concerns that you wish to meet with God regarding?  In your Journal, begin laying out the issues that will be the focus of your Personal Retreat.  Begin prior to your retreat considering these and meditating upon scripture that comes to mind. You may also want to consider a Christian book, CD’s or DVD’s to get input from during this time.  Be open to God speaking to you from diverse sources.