What Others Say

Can a Personal Retreat really transform your Christian life?  Here’s what readers of Face to Face: Meeting God in the Quiet Places say:

I wanted to let you know how much your book, Face to Face, has impacted my relationship with God.  I have been exhausted and yearning for a closer, more intimate relationship with the Lord.  While reading your book, I was inspired to get away from the distractions, interruptions, and responsibilities of life and go to a quiet place to be alone with God.  The cares of this world lifted and I began to experience an intimacy with my Heavenly Father like I have never had before.  I was able to focus on what He was showing me and became more aware of His love for me and how much more I wanted  to just rest in His love.  I began to understand more of what prayer is and the importance of praising my Lord.  I came back from my time with God, renewed, energized, and seeing life’s challenges as gifts conforming me more into the image of Christ and allowing me to depend on Him more as He lives His life through me . . . Thank you for taking your own personal retreats alone with God and having the desire to write this book that has helped me to have a deeper understanding of my relationship with God. 

Cindy, Arizona

I’m loving your book Face to Face and have enclosed a check to purchase a whole case so I can share it with a lot of my friends and relatives!  I appreciate your depth and insight!  It’s so simple and yet I struggle daily . . . BE STILL AND KNOW GOD!  Thanks for your help!

Gail, Oregon

I’ve read Face to Face several times now and can heartily recommend this excellent book to friends and colleagues.

Della, Washington


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