Your "God Encounter"

A Personal Retreat is a “God Encounter” – a meeting with God unlike your daily experience.  This isn’t like going to church or studying the Bible.  It’s coming “face to face” with God.

Imagine coming into his presence in a tangible way, actually sensing his speaking to you about the specific issues on your heart.  Though you won’t audibly hear God’s voice, it will be almost as real.

During your Personal Retreat you’ll experience God leading you into certain Scriptures, as well as possibly passages in a Christian book or devotional.  You will begin to sense him speaking to your needs and hurts.  Sometimes your specific issues and questions will be answered, while other times you will just have an assurance of his presence and care for you amidst that need.

Your “God Encounter” may feel like a “tune-up” or a major overhaul.  Whatever form your Personal Retreat takes you will come away energized, refreshed and reassured.